Acquired by PTC
We're excited to announce that PTC has acquired CloudMilling, bringing Cloud-Native CAM to Onshape.
Please find more details in PTC's CloudMilling acquisition blog post.
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The next evolution of CAM

Cloud-Based Solution

Use CloudMilling anywhere on any platform that has a browser, even on your mobile device. No need for expensive workstations.

Multi-Axis Machining

From 2-Axis to 5-Axis, CloudMilling can machine any job with its cutting-edge tool paths.

No Compromises

From hobbyists to professionals, CloudMilling can be used by anyone, without compromising expert features.

Zero Maintenance

With no hardware or licensing requirements, CloudMilling eliminates the use of license files, or dongles, and reduces the need for IT support.


Next Generation CAM

Manufacture products faster using CloudMilling's revolutionary technologies, including:

  • High-end, industry-proven, 2-Axis to 5-Axis tool paths.
  • A fully integrated tool library. No more "add-ons" or "standalone" databases. It automatically keeps track of all of your tools from any workspace, without requiring additional steps.
  • Tool paths can be generated in a matter of seconds.

Real-Time Simulation

Visualize tool paths in many ways, including:

  • Follow the tool as it traverses your tool paths in real-time.
  • See the stock change after every operation with our Historical Stock Technology.
  • Verify operations with real-time material removal.

Dynamic Setups

Machine every orientation of a part without rotating it to the machining axis. No need to touch CAD.

Flexible Workspaces

Machine an entire car and all of its individual components in a single workspace, enabling you to group hundreds of related parts together, each with their own set of tool paths.

Historical Stocks

Every tool path has a cut stock model associated with it, enabling you to visualize results instantly and empowers you to accurately re-machine only what's left, ensuring shorter lead times.

Parallel Processing

Workspaces can handle hundreds of parts simultaneously, each with their own job and related operations.

Experienced Support

Be confident in knowing that when you have an issue or need help, our support is always available to lend a hand, no matter the complexity.

Scalable to Demand

CloudMilling can adapt to any demand instantly, enabling you to generate thousands of tool paths simultaneously.

Latest Security

As we utilize the latest technology in security, you can be assured that your data is kept safe with the latest versions of encryption and SSL.


Our Vision

CloudMilling was created to democratize and modernize CAM. For too long, the market has been dominated by systems that are either out of reach, via monetary or other means, or are inadequate for the job.

We believe that anyone, and everyone, from hobbyists and students to professional engineers working at multi-billion dollar conglomerates should have access to the same CAM system.

In the same way, CloudMilling was also built to utilize the most used platform in the world: Mobile devices. Imagine using CAM at the machine to tweak the parameters in case you want to cut a job on a different machine, or with different stock. The possibilities are endless.

Mike Johnson
CEO, Chief Architect, and Co-Founder

Graduating from Loughborough University in 2014 with a Masters in Computer Science, Mike has always had a passion for developing revolutionary software, and CloudMilling is no different. Together with his father, Mike has re-imagined and re-invented CAM from the ground-up for a cloud- and mobile-first world, and also to remove barriers for entry.

Ryland Johnson
CTO, Chief Engineer, and Co-Founder

Having worked in the industry for 40 years as a pattern-maker and CNC machinist, Ryland has vast experience in all things CAM. From 2-Axis to 5-Axis, and beyond, he expects the pinnacle of technology, and has infused CloudMilling with all of his knowledge and understanding, to hopefully create one of the most accessible CAM systems that the world has ever seen.